Required Information for Proposal Submission

Title of proposal: This is the title that will appear on the CITERS 2023 website and within the symposium program. Capitalize all words except the articles. After the proposal rating process begins, 'Title' changes may be made only at the discretion of the Program Committee.

Abstract (no more than 75 words): This is the short summary that will appear on the CITERS 2023 website and within the symposium program. This abstract should clearly indicate the content and scope of the session, giving the reader a good idea of who would benefit from attending. Good descriptions lead to better decision-making on the part of satisfied convention attendees as to which sessions to attend.

Presentation Format: Paper Presentations, Poster Sessions, Interactive Sessions, Practitioner Sessions, Panel Discussions, Professional Workshops, and Technology Showcase

Keywords: Three to five keywords are required. Keywords and phrases are useful for the program committee in scheduling related presentations.

Extended Abstract: The submission should present a clear overview of the contribution and how each of the proposals contributes to the theme of the symposium. The submission should not contain any author identification. Please refer to the presentation formats for detailed required information, including the word limit for each of the presentation format.

The program committee may also contact the authors to update their abstracts after a proposal is accepted, if necessary.

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